Start-Up companies

Do you have a good business idea and also the courage to get started, but you also would like to avoid the risks of significant financial investments?
Clever Office can help you to have a smooth start.

The services that we can offer:

Virtual office packages - Clever Office Virtual, Clever Office Select

Ideal choice, if you only need an office workplace for a short time, but it would be also dignificant to have a representative business address. Get free from investment costs with us!
All your calls are diverted to your own cell phone, or get answered if you require. E-mail notifications are sent after each message you get.
Your mails are handled and stored at the reception, providing and easy and safe access. At least 4 days/month coworking workplace is a basic part of these packages, which can be developed by your needs.
Combine our services just as you wish, and find the most fitting offer for your company!

Services offices

This option is mostly suggested if an own office is essential for your work. It's also valid, that you won't need to deal with infrastructure, investments and long term commitments with us!


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