Subsidiaries of large companies

Are you planning to take advantage of the dynamic development of the region, by opening a subsidiary office in Győr?
Being represented in this city can improve your business chances, but it also means a significant amount of starting investments, especially in the case of creating a full infrastructure.

Why do we suggest our serviced offices?

Fully furnished, air-conditioned, ready to use offices are waiting for you to occupy them!

We provide the full office infrastructure, which means the biggest money investment for a new office.

With Clever Office you can feel safe, our two-level access control system with fire and burglar alarm takes the concept of "safety" to a higher level.

No need to deal with investing into meeting rooms, as you can find them here, in Clever Office. All of them are ready to use, depending on the actual availability.

Unnecessary to count with long term commitments, our minimal contract period is 3 months, in addition it's only your decision how long you would like to use our services.

Our goal is to suppert you to the smallest details with our additional services.
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