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Coworking workplace
Every businessman needs an office on some occasions to do paperwork in a comfortable enviroment, or hold company meetings. Our package includes a coworking workplace 4 days in a month to use by your own schedule.

Business address
Your company gets registered at our office building, providing the professional business appearance in Győr, along with a sign board containing the name of your company at the main entrance of the building. Incoming mails are handled and stored securely on our reception and are available anytime.

Telephone service
With a local phone number we grant you the comfort of being constantly available. We either forward your calls to your cell phone automatically or answer them on the behalf of your company, it is up to your choice. E-mail message forwarding is also included in the package.

Secretarial service
Usually you work on your own, but sometimes a secretary would make your tasks easier? Our helpful colleagues are ready to support you for 4 hours in a month.

You can find our detailed service chart here.

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