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A workplace in an office means a lot more than a simple desk with a chair, a phone and a coffee maker in the corner. Quality and uninterrupted work needs an enviroment where the colleagus enjoy to be and are able to fullfill their tasks efficiently.

You can find all of these advantages in our offices: comfortable and completely furnished workplaces, ready to use printer, secure internet connection and a well-arranged kitchen.

We are responsible for all those tasks that you would have to take care of, in case of a traditional office rental concept:

Facility management
Don't worry about the cleaning of your offices anymore, our services include that you'll always work in a clean enviroment.
The maintenance work is also our task, we take care of any issues immediately.

Office security
Feel safe with out security standards:
- two-level control system (main entrance and reception - both of them are only accessible with a magnet card)
- alarm- and fire alarm system
- high security internet-access
- double air-conditioned server room

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