Office rent in Győr

Our business model is based on flexible solutions, as your office space and rental time grows or shrinks flexibly with your requirements.

Our services:

Fully furnished, ready to use offices in Győr
(office furniture: desk, office chair, shelves and cabinets, along with internet-connection and air-conditioning)
Professional office background
(reception, kitchen, meeting rooms, printer/copier)
Supplementary services
(phone service, secretarial service, translation etc.)
Business address in our office
(sign board with your company name at the entrance of the building, and if required, handling your mails)
(multilevel access control system, alarm)

In what are we providing more?

You don't need to invest in furniture and IT equipment as we provide everything you need.

Flexibility in time: the minimum rental period for these offices is only 3 month, without any further restrictions.

Flexibility in office space: the amount of the rented offices can be reduced immediately if necessary, and can be extended at once, depending on the free capacity.

All of our services guarantee your convenience - we greet your guests at our reception, offer secretarial and translating services, arrange the cleaning of your offices and much more - so you can focus on your business without the pressure of these tasks.

Find out more with our detailed chart here.

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